For several years, it has been a dream of the I-TEC staff to create a solar array sufficient to meet the electrical needs of the ministry at the warehouse and office complex.  The dream has finally become a reality thanks to the hard work of so many volunteers.

Solar array on warehouse

The previously completed roofing project offered an advantage that was built into the existing warehouse by providing a flat roof that is just perfect for solar applications.

Outside panels                          

Sometimes electrical work demands manual labor including pick and shovel work.  The sweat turns out to be worth it in the end when the panels are buttoned up and ready for powering up.

Meeting of the minds                          

What a relief when the last checks are made and everyone agrees the system is ready for inspection.  Gladly the inspection went well and I-TEC is proud to be supplying the majority of its electrical needs and even at times having a surplus of power to sell back to the electrical grid.  Praise the Lord for this conclusion to a long awaited project.