Look below for pictures of the project!

The I-TEC team of volunteers from across the US arrived safely together on September 22 at the Hospital Mision Tarahumara in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. Following a short evening of rest, the team began an intensive three-day process of installing a replacement three-phase electrical service and distribution infrastructure for both of the Hospital’s diesel generators. A new control panel was added to one of the generators which will provide automatic start functionality and improved control capability.

During our second week of work, we were able to bring new service and automatic control of the generators online. Our goal was to provide clean power to the Hospital which has struggled for years with serious voltage brownout and other power quality issues. Automatic generator starting capability will greatly increase their quality of care for the patients along with providing an additional level of security for the expensive hospital equipment. Additionally, we were able to move all of the existing Hospital circuits over from the old electrical service to the new service. This took several days and coordination with Hospital staff due to inherent power outages for wire relocation. We also installed a new electrical panel to provide additional capacity for the operating room climate control.

We are praising God for His strength and wisdom during our time in Mexico. Thank you for praying for us!